Sep 12, 2013

The Daily Dupe: Urban Decay Primer Potion

The newest addition to One Haute Mommy is the Daily Dupe, a post dedicated to saving beauty-a-holics, like myself, money without sacrificing quality. "Dupe" is short for duplicate and in the beauty world dupes are products that are very similar in appearance and almost always have a wallet-friendly price tag.
Using a primer for eyeshadow makes all the difference. Primer enhances the eyeshadow so you end up using less product, achieve a more vibrant shade without creasing and it ensures that your shadow lasts all day. Urban Decay Primer Potion is by far the legend of eyeshadow primers. Urban Decay Primer Potion is well known for its silky feel and ability to make even cheap eyeshadow last all day without creasing. I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for years and I am absolutely in love with the product. The only drawback to Urban Decay Primer Potion is the $20 price tag. Without further adieu, welcome NYX HD Eyeshadow base.

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, not to be confused with NYX Eyeshadow base in the little white tub, is an excellent dupe for Urban Decay Primer Potion. The main difference is that NYX HD Eyeshadow Base goes on a bit wetter, therefore it needs a little bit more setting time before applying shadow. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base only comes in one shade, whereas Urban Decay Primer Potion comes in 4 shades. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base is available at Ulta for the wallet friendly price of $7. Ulta often times has coupons so chances are you will get it even cheaper!

The verdict: If you want amazing looking eyes and want to save some money definitely get the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, the difference between the two is miniscule and you will save a whopping $13.  With that said, Urban Decay Primer Potion is still an icon in my book, but I love to save money and NYX HD Eyeshadow Base gives me the same coverage for a lot less.

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