Sep 16, 2013

The Daily Dupe: Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder

The newest addition to One Haute Mommy is the Daily Dupe, a post dedicated to saving beauty-a-holics, like myself, money without sacrificing quality. "Dupe" is short for duplicate and in the beauty world dupes are products that are very similar in appearance and almost always have a wallet-friendly price tag.
Finishing powder is one of the most important steps to a flawless makeup routine. Finishing powder sets your foundation and also helps absorb excess oil. Makeup Forever makes one of the best finishing powders that I have used, HD Microfinish Powder. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder is made of 100% silica that is finely milled. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder has one drawback, it costs $32 for a 10 gram jar. Ouch! Meet Coastal Scents 100% Silica Spheres.

 I know, the name does not sound as appealing, however it is exactly the same thing. Coastal Scents 1 oz jar of Silica Spheres costs less than $5 and you get 3 times as much product. Seriously you cannot go wrong with this purchase. The only drawback to the silica spheres is the container, it's large and can be messy. Coastal Scents sells sifter jars that vary in size starting around $.75 so I suggest purchasing one so you can avoid the mess.

 This decision is a no-brainer. Coastal Scents is definitely the way to go. One jar of Coastal Scents and a sifter jar will set you back approximately $6 plus shipping which is equivalent to 3 jars of the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder which costs $32 each ($96 total). You can save a total of $90 by purchasing the Coastal Scents, a 90% savings for the exact same product! The choice is yours, but One Haute Mommy gives Coastal Scents Silica Spheres an A+!

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