Jul 6, 2011

Win It Wednesday: Weekly Wins

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic week loaded with wins! Here is my list for the past week.

I have started the "Win It Wednesday: Weekly Wins" post and will post a new one each and every Wednesday. I will post the items that I have won in the past week and hopefully hear of items that you have won.

With that said, in the past week I have won:

* Mario Olives Snack Pack ( Saving U Green blog )
* A cute tank top ( @PrettyHotChick  )
* $10 Wendy's GC ( @Wendys)

That is my list for the past week. What have you won lately? Please comment below, I love to hear about your wins!

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  1. I won a hair dryer, some coupons for Stouffers products and eye lashes! Your list this week is pretty sweet too!