Jul 7, 2011

Riley's Rambles


My 3 year old son has been saying and making some hilarious comments lately so I thought I would share a few with you.

Riley: Mom, I hurt my wee-wee
Me: How?
Riley: The toilet fell on it.
Me: Well it looks okay, so I think you are going to be fine.
Riley: Don't put a band-aid on it
Me: I won't

My fiance and I are planning our wedding and I asked Riley if he would like to be the ring bearer. He continued to tell me no each and every time I ask him. Finally he comes to me and says "Mama, we need to get me a bear costume so I can be the ring bear." I thought that was really cute.

About a week ago:
Riley came in our (my fiance and I's) bedroom and excitedly says "I'm growing", I reply that's awesome! He says "yeah, my wee-wee is getting bigger". I could not stop laughing!

My fiance occasionally has to go out of state for his job. While he was out of state I called Riley "babe". He turned around, looked at me and replied "I'm not babe, I'm Riley, babes in Alamabama". Yes, I spelled it as he pronounced it, I can spell!

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  1. OMG he is soo cute, in the photo and what he says!! My sister has been doing this on her Blog too, she calls it "Korvinism". I thought about writing down what Jake says and then putting it in a scrapbook for him or me!!