Nov 3, 2010

Happy 140th Anniversary Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline is an item that everyone should have in their household. It is an affordable product that has many uses! Vaseline is celebrating its 140th Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to discuss the many uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

  1. Apply Vaseline to elbows and knees to keep them soft year-round!
  2. Apply Vaseline to hands and cover with gloves or apply Vaseline to feet and cover with socks. Leave on for an hour, rinse off, and your dry hands and feet will be as soft as a baby's bottom.
  3. Apply Vaseline to lips to help heal dry, cracked or chapped lips.
  4. Vaseline is great for treating diaper rash! Apply a small, thin coat to the irritate area, let sit for a while, remove with a warm wash cloth.
  5. Vaseline helps heal cuts and scrapes because the jelly creates a barrier that keeps air, water and bacteria out of open wounds.
  6. Vaseline is an excellent make-up remover. Just apply to the areas with make-up and gently wipe with a tissue, cotton, or warm washcloth.
  7. Apply Vaseline to your split ends and it seals them.
  8. Apply Vaseline to boots and purses to leave them looking incredibly shiny!
  9. Before using your perfume or cologne, apply Vaseline and then put perfume and cologne on top to have your scent last longer.
  10. Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Apply it to dry, irritated, or just shaven skin to seal in moisture.

Do you have a use for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that I missed? Let me know. Try some of these uses for Vaseline yourself and let me know your thoughts and results.


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