Dec 7, 2010

❄Holiday Gift Guide 2010❄ Okabashi Casual Sandals Review

Holiday Gift Guide

Going green or have someone on your Christmas list that is? Well I have the perfect gift for you. Okabashi shoes! Okabashi recycles shoes to create new ones. Amazing!
How does Okabashi shoe recycling work?

Okabashi recycling starts with the raw material that we use to make the shoes. It's a specially formulated, patented, recyclable blend of plastics called Microplast. The material is unique in that it can be softened and remolded. It is also far more durable than the plastics used in other similar sandals and shoes, so your shoes should last at least 2 years. Okabashi also refrains from using adhesives to glue shoes together. Adhesives cause contamination, which makes recycling very difficult.

When the Okabashis finally do show enough wear that they need to be recycled, just send them to us. After they arrive, our team will inspect them for contaminants. If the shoes are contamination-free, we grind them up and blend the little pieces of previously molded Okabashis into the mixture for new Okabashis. The plastics are softened at temperatures that do not release any unhealthy chemicals into the environment, and then remolded into new, beautiful Okabashi shoes.

All Okabashi shoes and sandals are also made in the US. Okabashi employs 250 full time workers in Georgia. Because Okabashis are produced here in the US, there is a lot less travel involved in shipping them (compared to other brands). This means a huge reduction in the carbon footprint of the product - which is good for the planet.
I was sent the Maui Flip-Flops to review and I think they are fabulous. They are very stylish and chic. They are incredibly comfortable and durable. The Maui Flip-Flops have massage beads that focus on the arch and midfoot making these flip-flops extremely comfortable. You can purchase the Maui Flip-Flops here for only $14.99.
But wait! As if Okabashi shoes couldn't get any better, they have an amazing deal going on right now. You can get 12, yes 12 pairs of Okabashis, for $100. That is $8.34 a pair! It gets even better because orders over $40 get free shipping. Click here to get "the deal" (you have to call in your order to get the deal).

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  1. These sound like great sandals. I wear sandals and flip flops all summer long. I love that these are "green" and have a decent price.

  2. 12 sandals? Wow! I suppose you could donate them though. They are cute sandals.

    Merry Christmas!

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