May 31, 2013

Work At Home Mom: Earn Extra Cash With Treasure Trooper

 I often get asked how I make extra income and I am always quick to mention Treasure Trooper. At first people often look at me like I am nuts, but I'm not! I have been a member of Treasure Trooper since 2007. My son Riley was born in 2007 and I was a stay-at-home-mom and I wanted to earn a little extra cash. I began looking for survey sites and as I scoured the web I found lots of great reviews on Treasure Trooper so I gave it a shot. I earned quite a bit with it, but when I went back to work I stopped using it. I became a member again at the end of 2012 and have banked with the cash calls.

 Treasure Trooper is a survey site that pays you to complete various tasks including: cash offers, cash tasks, cash calls, surveys and many others. Treasure Trooper requires you to reach $20 to receive payment and payments are processed once a month. If you earn $20+ in May, you will receive it in the middle of June. Treasure Trooper pays via PayPal or check.

My favorite part of Treasure Trooper is the cash calls. You get paid for calling companies and inquiring about their products and services. Each call link provides you with the details including compensation, call time limits, and a little information about the company that you are calling. By doing the cash calls each month, I earn close to $70 and they are incredibly easy to do. In order to unlock the cash call feature I believe you have to earn $3 or $5 via cash offers which is not hard to do. The majority of cash offers are completely free and just take a few minutes each, I have the most luck with the offers that are studies. They credit the fastest and approve 99% of the time.

 Treasure Trooper offers a lot of fun activities as well. You get $1 for signing up and are given a lot of treasure for completing tasks. They offer a $100 treasure hunt. The site also features a chat-room and forum and the members are always helping each other out. Treasure Trooper offers "jungle slots", a slot machine game that you use your "gold coins" (you earn them by completing cash offers) to play the slots and win prizes. You can also have dragon battles and win cash on bingo night in the chat-room.

 No, you won't get rich from Treasure Trooper, but if you spend time on the internet and want to earn some extra cash you may as well give it a try. Like I said, just doing the cash calls will earn you an extra $70 a month and we can all use a little extra cash. So I suggest you head over to the Treasure Trooper page and give it a try, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will help you out as much as I can.

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