May 15, 2013

Remodeling my home with Floor and Decor!

     My husband and I bought our home in early 2008.  I loved the house, but I could not stand the awful white tile.  We spent most of our savings on the down payment and closing costs so we knew it would be a little while before we would be able to start remodeling.
     Fast forward to 2012.  Yay!, we have some cash and the first thing we have decided to do is re-tile the house.  I have an open floor plan so I already know that I want matching tile for the entire living area, kitchen, and hallways. 
     I, being the frugal mother of two that I am, start browsing advertisements and the scouring the web to find the best deals that I can.  I come across Floor and Decor and get excited.  I browse their website and find that they have great prices and endless options and styles.  The only downside is that the nearest store is 1.5 hours away, but the money we will save shopping there is more than worth it...or so I thought.
     We pick a weekend and hit the road to Floor and Decor.  The staff was great, we browsed for a good hour before we made our decision.  The sales associate lets us know that we can either load the tile up ourselves or Floor and Decor will wrap it up for us free of charge.  Of course we agree to let Floor and Decor load the tile for us.  They are the pros, right?
     We get in a checkout line and $700 later we are out the door.  We pull around back, show our receipt and the company loads the tile up for it.  It is wrapped, looks as good as can be.  We pull out of the parking lot and on our first turn, the top half of the tile slides off of the bottom half.  We immediately pull over.  My husband climbs into the back of the truck only to realize that although  the entire pallet of tile appeared wrapped, they were not wrapped together.  The top half was wrapped separately from the bottom half and then they were stacked on top of each other.  We immediately turn around and go inside Floor and Decor and explain that there must have been an error with the packaging associates.  We are still calm and collected at this point. Then the cashier tells us "we will give you a 50% credit for the packages of tile that are damaged." My heart sinks into my stomach, I look at her and show her my receipt and say "Mam, we just left your store, this is not our fault." She states that it is policy.  "Once you leave, you are responsible for the tile." I leave, very upset and tell my husband "maybe only a few tiles chipped."
     We arrive home to find that a good majority of the tiles are cracked, chipped, or in pieces.  I call the store and ask to speak to a manager, again I get the same response.  So I email the company and I get no response at all.  I email them again and again and again and never get a response.
     We tiled the house, but were not able to tile the kitchen because of all the tile that had broken.  We paid $700 for tile and we unable to complete the job because of all the broken tile. My husbands best friend owns a tile installation company and he said he has never seen so much broken tile from a load in his career. 
      We are a family on a budget, we have two small children and were so excited to finally begin turning our home into our dream home and it was ruined.  Floor and Decor is a reputable company, but there customer service failed us and majorly.  Not one employee would give us the time of day and upteen emails I sent went unanswered.  No apology, no response.  Customer service is huge in all business transactions and Floor and Decor failed epically.
     So I post this so that when you are looking to remodel or tile your home, you consider going with a company that will provide you the excellent customer service that you deserve. 

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