Sep 7, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

As mothers, we are constantly running around and do not always get to "tackle" the things that really make life easier. It is funny how organizing a closet or book shelf can make things so much easier! Do you have any projects that you have been putting off? I do! The biggest project that I have been putting off is cleaning out my daughters nursery. I still have all of her newborn clothes hanging (she is 10 months old now), I still have the bassinet (filled with newborn clothing) in her nursery even though she sleeps in her crib and is way to big for it, and I still have an infant swing in her room. So this week for "Tackle It Tuesday," I will be cleaning out Brianna's room! I will post before and after pictures later today when I am finished. So what are your goals for "Tackle It Tuesday"?

List of chores/tasks I tackled:

* Bleached the floors
* Cleaned the master bathroom
* Took my 3 Chapter Exam and got an A!
* Cleaned Riley's Bedroom
* Cleaned and Put away laundry


  1. sounds like you've already been quite productive today!

  2. Hey, it's hard letting your baby grow up.