Mar 1, 2012

Yvonne Ryding: sunburnt lips have a new BFF

Yvonne Ryding Skincare
Instant Repair Protective Balm

Got cracked lips? It soothes. 
Your knuckles look like an alligator's spine? It smoothes. 
Freaked out about using products that contain gunky petroleum? Yvonne Ryding is all natural and NEVER uses mineral oil.
Need a product that multitasks? It doubles as a nice cheek and brow highlighter.

When people ask you their secret? Tell them to mind their own beeswax. Introducing beeswax, Vitamin E & lanolin (wax that naturally coats sheep's wool) based healing balm, Yvonne Ryding Instant Repair

A true friend-in-need that shields and supports the skin. Based on beeswax and with Vitamin E, a nourishing, natural antioxidant. Contains lanolin, nature’s own moisturizer. Wonderful for cuticles, lips and dry areas. Free from parabens. Use on everything from split ends, chapped lips, dry elbows, broken cuticles or dry heals.
Yvonne Ryding is available at and is sold throughout Europe. Products range from $18 - $100.

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