Apr 20, 2011

Win It Wednesday: Weekly Wins

As you know, I love entering contests and have won quite a few items. This week along with my weekly wins list, I am including a few tips to help my readers enter Twitter contests properly and fairly!

Twitter contests are fun and definitely my favorite to enter. I have won an Apple iPad, a stove, an LED TV and many others things by entering contests on Twitter. The problem that I see is that many people "try" to enter and do not enter correctly or fairly. Here are a few pointers:

1. When you first sign up for Twitter, follow companies and brands that you like.

2. If you see a contest you are interested in entering, check back with the sponsors page and READ THE RULES! (Many people get disqualified from contests because they do not read the rules).

3. Do not go on Twitter and his the Retweet button on fellow contesters contest tweets (this is not fair and will get you blocked and reported).

4. Do not copy and paste other contesters contest tweets (some contests require you to make up your own tweet, by copying someone you are plagiarizing.

5. Make friends! This is huge because if you make friends on Twitter you will both learn different contests from one another and it gives you a chance to socialize with people all over the world.

I have started the "Win It Wednesday: Weekly Wins" post and will post a new one each and every Wednesday. I will post the items that I have won in the past week and hopefully hear of items that you have won.

With that said, in the past week I have won:
* A $20 GC to DonkeyTs from @DonkeyTs
* A Backpack from @PriceGrabber
* A Prom Dress from @CharlotteRusse
* Item of my choice (out of these) I'm choosing the Hudson Jeans! from @MomLife & @thisnext
* A Quiznos GC from @Quiznos
* Elizabeth Grant Collagen Diamond Night Creme (Blog win)
* Wow Wow Wuzzby Be Mine DVD (Blog win)
* A $100 Amazon GC from @BBMCHAT --> I highly recommend that you follow him on Twitter and sign up for his website because he has contest on their as well. He is very generous and always has contest going on. I have won from him before and he is legitimate and honest fellow.

That is my list for the past week. What have you won lately? Please comment below, I would love to hear about your wins!
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  1. First of all, congrats on all your wins!
    I just wanted to tell you that I wish I had seen something like this one year ago when I first started using Twitter. I remember seeing tweets that said RT, so I would RT--not realizing that they had already been retweeted. Live and learn. I'm sure I probably offended someone along the way, but it was out of ignorance--no malicious intent intended. I'm a big one for reading rules and I get frustrated when I think people cheat (and companies don't take the time to determine if rules were adhered to). anyway, thanks for posting this :)