Jan 19, 2011

Simple Changes for the New Year

Each year, most of us make New Years resolutions. Most of the time, we fail to achieve them. This year instead of making a New Years resolutions, I am making simple changes. Personally, I feel that making simple changes is much easier than making a resolution and is a more realistic approach.

My first simple change for the New Year is to become more organized. Organizing my household will make it much easier for me to find things and stay on track with what needs to be done. I plan on achieving this change by slowing organizing my household, piece by piece or area by area. If I look at organizing as a big picture, it becomes a huge task. However, by organizing one small piece/area a day or week, it becomes a much smaller and achievable task. It is also more rewarding because I feel a sense of achievement with each area that I organize.

Another simple change that I am working on this year is to eat healthier. I am doing this by slowing trying new vegetables and fruits. I am also looking up new recipes and making one new meal a week. I am slowly replacing unhealthy foods with healthy and nutritious foods. This is a simple, but big change for my family because I want to set a healthy example for my children. I feel that when they see my fiance and I eating healthy meals, they will want to eat healthy meals.

My final (for the time being) simple change this year is to take a little time out for myself. As a mother, I find that we (mothers) often neglect to take time out for ourselves. We do not mean to, but we put our families first, which is a great thing. However, mommies need a little mommy time as well. We need a bit of pampering! We need a bit of quiet time! I plan on achieving this goal by doing something for myself each day, whether it be take a relaxing bath or even painting my nails.

Once I complete these simple changes, I will add more to the list. Each simple change will help myself and family in the long run. So how about you? What simple changes are you going to make this New Year and why? How will you achieve them? Please leave a comment and share with me!

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  1. yes! organization is a goal of mine as well. i agree that it has to be taken in baby steps or it becomes overwhelming! i think i'll start with my dresser drawers and the seemingly endless pairs of jeans that i own that do not fit!!
    divertida at fastmail dot fm

  2. Lol, you and I have the same goals, exactly. I have a question though. Are those things so simple to do? Lol. It's not going well for me so far. Ugh. I think it's cause things have been totally crazy here since I made my plans to change things. I hope your simple changes are going well for you.