Aug 2, 2016

Flipp -- The Must Have Circular Shopping App #FlippFoodChallenge

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Flipp. All opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


I was recently introduced to a new free app called Flipp and I cannot rave enough about it.  This app is a life changer.  Instead of purchasing the Sunday newspaper and dig through the advertisements  I now have them all in one place in the palm of my hand and without wasting all that paper.  Eco friendly and it saves time and money, you simply cannot beat it. 

More about Flipp:

Flipp is the essential app to help you save every week, all year long. The free location-based app delivers the latest circulars from your favorite stores (over 800) right to your pocket. Plus, with Flipp’s in-app shopping list and coupon matching features, shoppers can quickly and easily find the very best deals on whatever they need, and receive instant savings at checkout!

 How does it work?

I created a shopping list easily through the app and it shows me where the items are on sale based on my zip code.  I can also circle items in the flyers.  The app loads coupons as well to your store cards which is very convenient.  

I was asked by Flipp to put the app to the test and take the "Flipp Summer Food Challenge" and I am always up for a challenge so I went for it.  I created a list through the app and viewed weekly circulars in my area.  I went to the grocery store and loaded up my cart and was able to clip a few coupons too.  I saved a lot of money, got everything on my list and was in and out of the store in a jif.  I highly suggest that you download the Flipp app, it's free and makes shopping convenient.  

I highly suggest that you download the free Flipp app and start saving time and money.  Let me know in the comments if you have used the Flipp app and what you think of it. 

Jul 7, 2016

Low Entry Giveaways ending soon #Giveaways #Win

I love giveaways.  I have won many items from giveaways and have decided to start posting low entry giveaways for my readers to enter.  If you have a giveaway on your blog and would like me to post it please email me the link, ending date and name of the blog to and I will add it to the list.

Under 250 Entries

FlipAZoo Plush Toy - One Haute Mommy - Ends 7/7

Curious Cat Spy Club 3-Book Series for kids (5 Winners) - Imagination Soup - Ends 7/9
Under 500 Entries

Under 750 Entries

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Favorite Stories DVD (3 Winners)  - Coupon Savvy Sarah - 7/8

Under 1000 Entries

Cookout Prize Pack from NOW Foods  - Fit Fluential - Ends 7/10

Over 1000 Entries 

$75 Winn Dixie Gift Card - Raising Whasians - Ends 7/9

Freebie Alert: Free Sample Purina One Tender Selects

Request your free sample of Purina One Tender Selects Blend Cat Food. This includes a 6oz sample of Purina One Tender Selects Blend Cat Food and also includes a $2.00 off coupon that does not expire until 6/30/17.  You sample should be in your mailbox in 6 - 8 weeks. 

Jul 3, 2016

Low Entry Giveaways ending soon #Giveaways #Win

I love giveaways.  I have won many items from giveaways and have decided to start posting low entry giveaways for my readers to enter.  If you have a giveaway on your blog and would like me to post it please email me the link, ending date and name of the blog to and I will add it to the list.

Under 250 Entries

Would a Worm Go on a Walk? book - Life is what it's Called - Ends 7/4

Protein Superfood powder – winner’s choice of Original, Vanilla or Peanut Butter Chocolate - Running With SD Mom - Ends 7/4

FlipAZoo Plush Toy - One Haute Mommy - Ends 7/7

Curious Cat Spy Club 3-Book Series for kids (5 Winners) - Imagination Soup - Ends 7/9

Under 500 Entries

Under 750 Entries

Would a Worm Go on a Walk? book - Ladybug Daydreams - Ends 7/5

Under 1000 Entries

Over 1000 Entries 

$75 Winn Dixie Gift Card - Raising Whasians - Ends 7/9

Jun 30, 2016

FlipaZoo - The Toy That Flips for You! #Giveaway

Meet FlipaZoo, the TOY that flips for you!

I’m so excited to introduce you to FlipaZoo, the brand-new, two-in-one toy pillow that will deliver twice the fun for everyone this summer. Great for travel, camp, naptime and more, FlipaZoo will get kids and families everywhere “flipping!

The must-have snuggable, huggable animal pals magically transform from one animal to another and then back again – making every FlipaZoo twice as nice. With the new line’s patented one-of-a-kind “easy flip” designs, little ones can simply hold their favorite two-sided FlipaZoo friend, “flip” its soft back, and instantly reveal a totally new FlipaZoo!

The adorable new FlipaZoo collection features more than a dozen stand-out characters – including the clever Cat/Mouse, mystical Unicorn/Dragon, and fiercely-fun Elephant/Tiger.

The new FlipaZoo assortment will pounce exclusively into Walmart stores nationwide this July. 

An imagination-inspiring playtime product, FlipaZoo doubles as a pillow for naptime, summer camp, and family travel. Each fun-stuffed FlipaZoo is a smiling, cuddly companion that offers two times the comfort at home or on-the-go! Made of the most huggable, high-quality materials, the adorable new FlipaZoo line features more than 12 stand-out FlipaZoo characters that magically transform from one animal to another – and then easily flip back again! With the new line’s patented one-of-a-kind “easy flip” designs, little ones can simply hold their favorite two-sided FlipaZoo friend, “flip” its soft back, and instantly reveal a totally new FlipaZoo!

The premiere FlipaZoo collection ($19.99 each, for all ages), to be available at retail starting this July exclusively at Walmart, includes a loveable FlipaZoo friend for every personality: the wild Giraffe/Hippo, clever Cat/Mouse, mystical Unicorn/Dragon, fiercely-fun Elephant/Tiger, and paw-some Husky Dog/Polar Bear. Also making their debut exclusively at Walmart this holiday season will be the jaw-dropping Grizzly Bear/Alligator and friendly Bulldog/Tabby Cat FlipaZoo characters. Each FlipaZoo features its own unique sewn-on name, making them even more irresistible! For double the fun, consumers who purchase any FlipaZoo on the official website will receive a FREE “Little Flipzee” for pocket-size flipping fun!

You’ll Flip for Them! They’ll Flip for You!
My Thoughts

I have to admit it when I was asked to review FlipaZoo I was not sure how my munchkins were going to react to it.  As soon as I opened the box they both loved it and were fighting over who got to play with it first. We received the super cute cat and mouse combination.  I think the concept is amazing: it's a pillow and is two different stuffed animals.  Switching from one animal to another is very easy and does not take much effort, my children immediately knew how to change it and needed no help from me.  The collection is adorable and offers a variety of choices and it is surprisingly soft.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive a Flip-A-Zoo Plush toy of their own (style selected at random). To enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will 7/07/16 and is open to the US  only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to the sponsor for offering this fantastic prize. 

Get Set for a SUPER Summer with PJ Masks - New Episodes and a FREE App!

 I’m so excited to share that three all-new action-packed episodes of the top-rated PJ Masks will be airing this summer! The new shows, featuring the dynamic trio – Catboy, Owlette and Gekko – are all set to debut on the Disney Junior Channel beginning Friday, June 24. The fun-filled adventures include:

“Catboy Squared”/“Gekko’s Super Gekko Sense” – Friday, June 24, at 9:00 a.m.
In “Catboy Squared,” Catboy’s desire to have everything his way gets out of hand when Romeo’s multiplying machine accidentally makes lots of Catboy copies. With every Catboy insisting on his way or the highway, Romeo might finally take over the world. In “Gekko’s Super Gekko Sense,” Night Ninja challenges the PJ Masks to a game of Capture the Flag with the PJ Mask HQ as the prize. But when Gekko doesn’t feel his powers will earn them the victory, he makes up a new power that could cost them the victory. 

“Owlette and the Owlteenies”/“Gekko’s Blame Campaign” – Friday, July 15, at 9:30 a.m.
When Night Ninja finally pushes the Ninjalinos too far in “Owlette and the Owlteenies,” they become Owlette’s new sidekicks. But when Owlette forgets what it means to be a good leader, the Ninjalinos cause some chaos of their own. In “Gekko’s Blame Campaign,” the mini-car that Greg borrowed from Cameron goes missing after he doesn’t take good care of it. And when it turns up in the nighttime powered up by Luna Girl, Gekko’s desire to not take the blame allows the villainess to nearly destroy HQ.

“Owlette and the Moonflower”/“Slowpoke Gekko” – August (date to be announced)
In “Owlette and the Moonflower,” Luna Girl uses her Luna Beam to create a giant evil moonflower and once it blooms, its seeds will scatter throughout the city and turn it into her very own giant weed garden. Owlette won’t admit how little she knows about plants and each of her plans get the weed closer and closer to blooming. In “Slowpoke Gekko,” Gekko has to learn to not get distracted if he wants to stop Romeo from using his super slow ray to take over the world.    

In addition to the premiering episodes, the first-ever PJ Masks app, PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes, has just soared into the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores! The FREE app lets players embark on exciting nighttime adventures with the PJ Masks team: fans can play as Catboy and use his speed and agility to overcome challenges;  engage Gekko’s ability to stick to walls and run up the side of buildings; and take to the sky with Owlette to fly over the city’s rooftops! With the familiar music and special sound effects from the hit TV series, PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes lets kids immerse themselves in the exciting world of their favorite heroes!

PJ Masks is a colorful and inventive CGI-animated series from Entertainment One that follows 6-year-old Connor, Amaya and Greg, who transform into their dynamic superhero alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, when they put on their pajamas at night and activate their special animal amulets. Together, the three friends embark on action-packed capers, solving mysteries, having thrilling nighttime adventures, and learning valuable life lessons all along the way.

Aug 1, 2015

Taking some weight off my shoulders and hopefully the rest of me...

One Haute Mommy was created years ago with the purpose of reminding moms to take some time for themselves.  One Haute Mommy was created to remind moms and all women that they are beautiful.  One Haute Mommy was created as a reminder to myself that aside from motherhood I was still a woman and I was still beautiful.  It was a reminder for me to take care of myself and be confident in my new journey of motherhood. 

One Haute Mommy has been neglected for a few years.  When I went back to work it was hard to keep up with this blog but I have really missed writing.  Writing has always been a vent for me and by neglecting this blog, I was truly neglecting myself.  However, tonight I feel the urge to write and I plan on continuing to write so brace yourself. 

I have a confession to make...I HATE strongly dislike my body.  I weigh more than I did in both pregnancies and I am not pregnant.  I cannot stand looking in the mirror.  I used to love clothes shopping and now it usually ends with me in tears.  I dread going to social events and try hard to find flattering clothes.  I was on vacation this week and did not take a single picture of myself because I hate cannot stand the way that I look right now.  My wardrobe is predominantly black because it makes me look thinner although if you looked in my closet you may think I was a Gothic chic, haha! 

The ironic part is that I spent my life being "too skinny."  "Do you eat?" "Are you anorexic?"  These are questions that I was routinely asked for the vast majority of my existance.  I actually went on "weight gaining" diets trying to put on a few pounds.  I weighed between 90 to 107lbs on average.  90lbs was at my worst after my father passed away, I was extremely depressed.  I weighed 107lbs when I became pregnant with my son in 2007.  After giving birth I went down to 102lbs.  In 2009, I became pregnant with my daughter and once again bounced right back to my beginning weight.  I kicked the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes for good in 2009 and put on a few needed pounds.  I was happy.  My pregnancy with my daughter gave me an ass which I never had and I got my tits back (I lost them after giving birth to my son, seriously).

In November of 2010, my anxiety became really bad and I finally agreed with my doctor and went on anti-anxiety medication.  I went on Paxil 20mg.  Within a few weeks, I was feeling great and the anxiety was under control.  I began putting on a little bit of weight but I looked great. 

I got married in October of 2011 and loved the way I looked.  My arms needed some toning but nothing major.  I weighed approximately 135lbs on my wedding day.

What I failed to notice was that I was gaining 10-15lbs a year since being on Paxil.  In 2012 I decided to get off of Paxil because I felt that I had my anxiety under control.  It is a non-narcotic medication so I just stopped taking it cold-turkey when my prescription ran out.  Three days later I was at the doctors sobbing like a baby.  I felt like my brain was zapping.  I was nauseous and my anxiety was insanely high.  I cried easily and felt dizzy all of the time.  The doctor explained to me that even though Paxil is a non-narcotic medication, you have to taper off of it to avoid unwanted side effects.  I resumed taking Paxil immediately and felt better a couple days later. 

Fast forward to 2013.  At this point I am weighing 145lbs and I start researching.  I  learn that Paxil effects the metabolism and causes weight gain on most people.  I learn that Paxil effects cortisol levels which can cause sugar cravings which I have every evening.  I decided to do a slow taper over the course of 3 months.  It goes pretty well, a few side  effects but nothing major.  I take my last dose and I am doing good.  I was up for promotion at this time and was stressed but handling it well.  Two weeks after stopping Paxil completely and I became a mess.  One big anxious and depressed mess.  I took a leave of absence from my job to try and get myself under control.  After being off the medication for one month I lose 15lbs without changing my diet or exercising.  My evening sugar cravings are gone. My doctor put me on a new anxiety  medication  however, I react badly  to it and end up back on Paxil. 

Fast forward once again to today.  I weigh 165lbs.  I started this new journey at 169 lbs so a 4lb loss so far, woohoo!  I am using an app called "MyFitnessPal" and am counting calories.  I have a fitbit and keep track of my steps.

I have managed to taper to 10mg of Paxil from 20mg and remain at 10mg for a year with NO SIDE EFFECTS!  Hallelujah! My goal is to reach 140lbs and then I will go from there.  I am going to do a 10% taper off of Paxil.  I will taper 10% of my current dose per month.  At this rate it will take me over a year to be Paxil free but it is proven to work by tapering at this slow and steady pace. 

I have started eating cleaner and am learning a little bit more each and everyday.  I am trying to make healthier choices.  For example ground turkey instead of ground beef.  I was doing 30 minutes on my treadmill daily but stopped for a while.  I plan on adding that back in to my daily schedule. 

I really want to start taking Yoga classes to help with both the weight and anxiety but I am so nervous.  I am really insecure with my appearance and my strength but I know that I need to suck it up and go.  

So my plan is to write about my weight loss journey.  I will post before and after pictures and share what is working for me as well as what isn't working. I will be brutally honest as usual.

A couple current pictures of me. I would love to post pics of myself in work-out clothes but I am not ready for that yet so these are my "before" pictures. 

I hope that you follow along on my journey and please feel free to comment below with any advice or comments that you may have.